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Coylene Brinkerhoff

Sevier School District
FACS teacher
Salina, Utah
I am married with 4 children and 2 fabulous grandchildren. I enjoy being active. I enjoy running, cycling, hiking and tennis and enjoy learning about fitness and being healthy. I love to cook and enjoy quilting and, with my husband, have remodeled several homes that we own as rentals and an Airbnb. I am my children's biggest fan and enjoy doing or watching whatever they are doing! Before becoming a high school FACS teacher,  I worked in the Special Needs program for 10 years and love working with kids of all ages and abilities. I've loved each of the positions I've held within the school district and I enjoy a new challenge and learning new things. I'm just in the middle of my fifth year of teaching and still consider myself a new teacher. I love teaching Family and Consumer Science and working with and learning from the students at North Sevier high school.
Wednesday, July 10

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